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Good Morning St. Patrick’s Alumni Family and Friends, It has been a while since we reached out to everyone. We are now going into July which is almost 5 months since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and we are sure everyone is tired of hearing about it and just want things to return to normal.   St. Patrick’s Alumni Friends and Family have been hit hard in the last few months.   We have lost some Alumni; we have not been able to share in our faith together at many events that were very important to us all.  It has been very difficult times. 


As we promised we continued to monitor the situation and we said we would update you on whether our not we could celebrate our annual picnic July 12th.  There were many factors that we had to consider in whether we would be able to have the picnic.  One main factor is if the State allows gatherings of more than 25 people.  The other factor was if the venue opens for business with gatherings the most important factor is the health or safety of our Alumni.  A decision has been made regarding the annual picnic that is schedule for July 12th, 2020.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the annual picnic this year.   We unfortunately will not have any services until our November Thanksgiving Mass service.  If situation changes and we are able to come back before November, we will certainly keep everyone posted.   


We will continue to keep everyone updated on the situation as things unfold, so please make sure to check for updates VIA email, website , facebook pages, Community of St. Patrick's Church of Troy, NY and/or The Community of St. Patrick's Troy,

New York.   


Please everyone have a safe and healthy summer.

God Bless,

Father David Jones, and The St. Patrick Alumni Committee



Pastoral Council Leaders


President                                                                                 William Ahearn

Vice-President                                                                 Sr. Marilyn Jones, CSJ

Secretary                                                                                 Kathy O’Bryan

Accountant                                                                            John Szypulski

Acolytes                                                                                  Elizabeth Turner

Altar MC                                                                                 John Dziamba

Altar Ministries                                                                       Adrianne Purtell

Bell Master                                                                              Joseph Connors

Bereavement                                                                           Thomas Riley

Building                                                                                    Roy Purtell

Church Flowers                                                                       Ronald Bagley

Columbiettes                                                                           Melissa Koroso

Community of the Friends of St. Patrick                               Lisa Dillon

Custodians                                                      Harold Humphrey & Ann Davey

Devine Mercy                                                                         Jeremy Wrobel

Evangelization                                                                        Tracey Callan

Exposition                                                                               Thomas Callan

Faith Formation                                                                      Joanne Caron

Finance                                                                                    Thomas Riley

Garden Flowers                                                                      Helen Humphrey

Home Visitor                                                                          Sr. Florence J. Flaherty, DC

Knights Of Columbus                                                             John Dziamba

Novena BVM                                                                         Margaret Hayner

Office Secretary                                                                      Margaret Corrigan

Office Assistant                                                                      Marie Davey

Organist                                                                                  William Wells

Parish Nurse                                                                            Chris Silk

Poor Box                                                                                 Gene & Gloria Burns

Prayer & Worship                                                                   Mary Ayotte

Prayer & Worship Asst.                                                          Jean Ahearn

Priest of Spanish Apostolate                                         Rev. Thomas Saunders, MM

Religious Ed.                                                                          Shannon Ryan

Religious Ed. Asst.                                                           Peter Dziamba (Son)

Reunion Team                                                                         Rosemarie Kotansky

Shamrock Editor                                                                     John Norton, Jr.

Social Committee                                                                    Nancy Foucher

Spanish Apostolate                                                                 Willie Feliciano

Trustee                                                                                    Albert Caron

Trustee                                                                            Peter Dziamba (Father)