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Good Morning St. Patrick’s Alumni Family and Friends, It has been a while since we reached out to everyone. We are now going into July which is almost 5 months since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic and we are sure everyone is tired of hearing about it and just want things to return to normal.   St. Patrick’s Alumni Friends and Family have been hit hard in the last few months.   We have lost some Alumni; we have not been able to share in our faith together at many events that were very important to us all.  It has been very difficult times. 


As we promised we continued to monitor the situation and we said we would update you on whether our not we could celebrate our annual picnic July 12th.  There were many factors that we had to consider in whether we would be able to have the picnic.  One main factor is if the State allows gatherings of more than 25 people.  The other factor was if the venue opens for business with gatherings the most important factor is the health or safety of our Alumni.  A decision has been made regarding the annual picnic that is schedule for July 12th, 2020.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold the annual picnic this year.   We unfortunately will not have any services until our November Thanksgiving Mass service.  If situation changes and we are able to come back before November, we will certainly keep everyone posted.   


We will continue to keep everyone updated on the situation as things unfold, so please make sure to check for updates VIA email, website , facebook pages, Community of St. Patrick's Church of Troy, NY and/or The Community of St. Patrick's Troy,

New York.   


Please everyone have a safe and healthy summer.

God Bless,

Father David Jones, and The St. Patrick Alumni Committee



 St. Patrick Church of Troy how it came to be

St. Patrick Parish of Troy was an off spring of St Peter's Parish of Troy.  In 1871 the bishop divided St. Peter's Parish where Father Swift had served as an assistant, to form St. Patrick's Parish in what was then known as Batestown.


February 5th, 1872 the site for the new church on Vale Avenue, later re-named Sixth Avenue, was secured by purchasing the Hubert family property in the amount of $7600.00 and the Ray family property in the amount of $3500.00.


September of 1872, Father Swift found a neat little rectory on River Street.  Then Peter Finnerty, a well-known contractor and builder provided the plans and specification for the new church.


May 27th, 1883, The Building Fund Society was organized for the purpose of uniting all the members of the congregation to contribute weekly a voluntary offering for the support and building of the school.   With plans for a new school came more efforts to purchase and obtain property for the parish.  


March 20th, 1886 the Parish purchased the Cooly family property in the amount of $2,500.00.


May 1st, 1886, bids for building the school were opened at the office of Mr. M.F. Cummings, the architect and contracts were assigned to Judge & Cavanaugh for the masonry, John McBride for the carpentry, James A. lee for the stonework and Holland & Thomapson for the steam. 


August 5th, 1887, the Parish purchased more property from Templeton family in the amount of  $8,000.00.


September 5th, 1887 the school was built, furnished and ready for opening. 


November 30th, 1904 the Parish purchased additional property from the Lucy family in the amount of $2700.00.


August 31, 1905, the Parish purchased additional property from the Gavin family in the amount of $2,700.00.


October 20th 1906, the Parish purchased additional property from the Todd family in the amount of $1,500.00.


By 1911, St. Patrick's Parish owned the land and buildings fronting 189 feet of River Street and the same distance on Sixth Avenue for the grand total of  $28,500.00. 


The Parish was growing rapidly with that Monsignor Swift was always thinking of his parish. He had dreams of building a beautiful new church.  While in Rome Monignor Swift copied the plans of a church, which he wanted to fashion into St. Patrick's Church in Troy. 


In 1908, the first public contribution toward the construction of the new church (which still stands today 2015) was made by the alumni of the school.  It came in the form of a check for one hundred dollars.  The building fund began to grow through the generosity, work and thoughtfulness of the parishioners, church societies and friends under the leadership of Reverend Martin McMahon, and assistant to Monsignor Swift.


The new church would not break ground until the old church, the school and the property were entirely freed from indebtedness.  After the debt was freed and the subscription had reached a total of thirty thousand dollars, plans and specifications were prepared and the visions so long entertained and the fulfillment so much desired began to take shape. 


April 2nd, 1912  ground for the new church was broken.


September 15th, 1912  the laying of the cornerstone occurred.