Prayer List

 Please Keep in Your Prayers 

Al Caron

Joanne Caron

Patrick Caron

Peg Corrigan

Jack Holt

Rosemary Ogrady


Dorothy Mall

Sharon Hepp

 Dawn Mantello

Jeanne Liney


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There will not be Morning Mass until 5/28/2019


 Mass Schedule is as follows

Morning Mass M-F 8:30am - 8:45am

 No Weekend Masses 


St. Patrick Alumni Easter Event (April 28th, 2019)

Photos of Easter Event 

Part One Click Here   

Part Two Click Here

Easter Service Event  4/29/2019Easter Service Event 4/29/2019

St. Patrick's Alumni 2018 Christmas Party

2018 Christmas Party2018 Christmas Party

2St.  Patrick's Alumni Picnic Peebles Island

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2018 St. Patrick Alumni Picnic

2018 St. Patrick Day Celebration 

2017 Christmas Party2017 Christmas Party

St. Patrick's Church at Christmas Time 2010St. Patrick's Church at Christmas Time 2010

St Patrick Alumni Auriesville Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs

September 14, 2014

St Patrick's Annual Christmas Party 2014St Patrick's Annual Christmas Party 2014